Our promise is simple: Working with us will make recruiting the right candidates easier and faster for you!

Each candidate profile that you receive from us will be selected for your open role, will be interested in this role and your company and will meet the key requirement set out by you. We will never send you hundreds of CVs. We will send you a handful of selected candidates for each role and are confident that you will want to interview 80% to 90% of the candidates presented.

We work across Europe, Asia and the UK within the Microelectronics, Material Science and Life Sciences markets and exclusively within permanent recruitment. We can assist you with job openings at entry level up to C-level and across all business areas.

Are you struggling to fill a role? Our consultants love a challenge and would gladly take the time to fully understand your vacancy and tailor the most suitable solution for your needs. Just contact us on +44 1403 541 941 or info@thetechrg.com

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Grace Hopper